Tax Management Solutions for PCard Transactions

ADR delivers an innovative and time saving software, PCard Tax Manager to manage sales and use tax for purchases made with corporate credit cards.

With PCard Tax Manager, the monthly use tax accrual can be completed in less than two hours per month.

ADR provides cost effective tools that efficiently automate the use tax accrual and deliver accurate and reliable software and services.

PCard Tax Manager

  • Eliminates the need to manually review transaction receipts to determine whether a use tax accrual is required.
  • Increases the accuracy and consistency of tax decision making.
  • Minimizes unnecessary penalty and interest assessments by timely and accurately reviewing corporate card transactions.
  • Shifts focus of tasks from transaction reviews to process improvement.
  • Produces comprehensive reporting for tax management and state audits.

Contact us with any questions or to arrange a one-hour web-based product demo,

Application Description

PCard Tax Manager is a desktop application that provides users with tools that support tax decision making for transactions paid with any type of corporate purchasing card. While the transaction data passed with a credit card transaction is not adequate to manage the use tax accrual in traditional tax applications, PCard Tax Manager provides a structure that takes your credit card transaction data, performs the tax analysis, makes taxability decisions, calculates a use tax accrual, generates tax reports and documents the tax decision making process.
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